Advanced message control

Our Delivery Slip gives you simple and ultimate control over what happens to your messages before and after you send them.

Before you Send


Increase trust and response rates when you customize your portal to include your company branding.

Email Encryption

Effortless protection right from your inbox. Learn More

Extra Sensitive

Password protect individual messages and their attachments as well as restrict viewing to specific recipients.

Advanced Message Control

Choose what can happen to your messages today and in the future.

Time Expiration

Add urgency to your requests or even limit how long sensitive information is made available for viewing.

Large File Transfer

Drag and drop any file. No additional software required.

Securely Request
E-signatures and Approvals

Request legally binding signatures for contracts (including sign on the line) or any "Click to Approve" process. Documents are secure, authenticated and non-repudiable.

E-Discovery & E-Audit

Simplify E-Discovery, E-Audit, retention/shredding as well as regulatory compliance. You can set shredding and retention policies that support regulatory and company policies.

Real-time Tracking

Once messages are sent each message and attachment gets a unique record ID.

if you use email - you should be using DeliverySlip

After you've sent

Your Email Mission Control
Real-time Track,
Trace & Notifications

Monitor messages in real-time. Set deadlines and automatic reminders. Stop wondering what is happening with your communication, transforming your email into a productivity tool.

"Stuff" Happens

Enjoy greater control over messages and attachments, and most importantly, tools to remediate inevitable user error. With DeliverySlip you also enjoy a level of control over your messages even after you have sent it.

Easy Signature

You'll get updates on who signed and when they signed.

E-Discovery & E-Audit

View the E-discovery & tracking options that have been applied to each message.

Real-time Tracking

View real-time message notifications including granular tracking of actions by your recipients.

Be collaborative. Be productive. Be secure.

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