Mobile Secure Messaging For Lawyers

October 30, 2014

Mobile Secure Messaging For Lawyers

Driven by a younger generation of lawyers, the legal profession is becoming more mobile, which creates new security channels for managers and senior partners. While lawyers are adopting mobile technology rapidly, they are not always adopting secure mobile practices according to this recent article in The Global Legal Post.  Nearly all legal IT professionals (96 percent) report using mobile devices to access documents on the move. However, 88 percent of legal employees reported using consumer file sharing services in the workplace to share documents, which is the highest percentage of any industry.

Lagging behind on security practices is not a new problem for law firms as we have discussed before here. The most effective way for legal industry security professionals to drive adoption of security solutions is to position them as a way for lawyers to be more productive and improve client communication.

DeliverySlip Secure Messaging can enable lawyers to send an encrypted message and large file directly from their customary inbox using a laptop, tablet or mobile device from any location. It’s easier than having to log in to a separate consumer file sharing tool and comes with other value adds. Real-time tracking lets them know exactly what actions have been taken on a message and attachment, which enables more transparent client communication. For the most sensitive client information, additional security features can be added such as password protection and the ability to block replies and forwards.

Clients receive much of the same value. In addition to secure email, they can be given access to real-time tracking and large file capability. They can also be given access to the same email plugins as employees so they don’t have to be driven to a separate portal and can access mobile and tablet apps as well.

The overall result is superior client communication that is secure, auditable, and can be archived for e-discovery. It’s time for the legal profession to get DeliverySlip about secure messaging. Sign up for a free trial of DeliverySlip Secure Messaging here.

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