The Call For Law Firms To Use Secure Email

September 3, 2014

The Call For Law Firms To Use Secure Email

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Nate Russell wrote this recent article on about the legal profession’s responsibility to adopt email encryption in the Snowden Era. The article is an excellent summary of both the importance and challenges of secure email that face the legal profession. Russell writes:

“The woe-betide message for lawyers, and indeed for any profession tasked with protecting the privacy interests of their clients in this post-Snowden age, is on one hand simple: ‘unencrypted communications over the internet can no longer be trusted.’ On the other hand, deciding how to act in response to such a warning is difficult. Which encryption providers can we trust? What types of encryption are acceptable? What are the odds that any lawyer with less than a technical mastery of crypto systems might come up with a workable solution?”

Russell suggests that law societies can help lawyers navigate what can be a confusing encryption landscape by performing due diligence for them as well as overseeing a certification of cloud solution providers. Since law firms have been slow to adopt secure messaging due to the technical complexity, the idea has a lot of merit.

The other option for law firms is to search for a solution themselves using the criteria that it must be dead simple to deploy and easy to use for a non-technical end-user. If you can’t be up and running in minutes with live users, then just move on.

DeliverySlip has innovated secure messaging by removing the complexity from encryption and replacing it with unique value added features that make it appealing for end users. Neither internal staff nor external clients ever have to leave their customary inbox to exchange encrypted email messages because DeliverySlip Messaging is integrated with Microsoft Outlook® and Office 365® and also includes apps for Blackberry®, iOS®, Android® and Windows Phone®. With the ability to automatically decrypt secure messages into any third-party archiving system, law firms will also be ready for e-discovery and potential audits.

Sign up for a free trial here to get started today.

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